How to be more expressive in a relationship

Do you struggle to express your feelings to your partner? Do you suffer from your feelings all alone? In today’s busy and hectic life, many relationships are suffering lack of communication and expression. Although expressing in a relationship does not come easy, the aftermath is profoundly rewarding. Being open and expressing yourself to your partner is the success factor of any relationship.

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Tips to be more expressive in a relationship

There is no point blaming your partner for not understanding if you fail to express yourself. Listed below are few simple yet effective tips to help you express in a relationship.

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1} Identify your own feelings

Unless you are completely sure of what you are feeling, there is no way you will be able to express to your partner. Carefully analyse and identify your feelings first in order to be more expressive to your partner.

2} Ignore the fear of rejection

Most of us do not express simply because we fear to be rejected or misunderstood. But how can we be sure, if we haven’t spoken about our feelings? The key factor to being more expressive in a relationship is to let go of the fear of being judged or rejected. This will help your partner also be more empathic to your feelings.

3} Be truthful

Lying and covering up the truth is only a temporary solution. In order to improve communication with your partner, tell the truth and be honest. Yes, it does take a great deal of effort to be completely honest. However, being truthful is a better choice if you want a strong relationship.

4} Make your expectations clear

To enjoy an intimate and loving relationship, it is important that both you and your partner understand each other. Also, your partner needs to understand how certain things can impact you. If you take your partner through a riddle game, it is only going to lead to more confusion. Making your expectations clear will improve communication between you and your partner.

5} Avoid criticising each other

No two people in this world can be the same. Each person expresses himself or herself in a different way. Criticising each other is the biggest enemy of your relationship. If the two of you do not agree with each other on certain aspects of life, it is completely normal. Accepting each other’s nature and behaviour helps you both open up to each other.

6} Develop the habit of listening

If you expect your partner to hear you out, you also need to develop the virtue of listening. Giving your partner undivided attention and listening to his or her feelings will help improve communication between the two. To head towards an expressive relationship, the main rule is to listen to one another.

Being expressive about everything in your relationship can be a little difficult in the beginning. But, it is better to make an effort rather than being resentful towards each other for not understanding. These above tips will help you build an emotionally satisfying relationship.