Remedies to Deal with Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, but the morning sickness that comes along with it? Not so good. Some women are blessed not to experience any morning sickness throughout pregnancy. Some suffer only in the first trimester whereas some suffer throughout 9 months of pregnancy.

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Remedies For Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

Being a mother to my 19-month-old daughter, I still recollect my days of morning sickness. Gosh! I had it throughout my 9 months of pregnancy. Every time I ate, I would throw up. Coupled with gastritis, I used to feel sick every time I vomited. That is when I realised to read about some remedies to help ease morning sickness. Listed below are some tips that helped me.

1} Drink Herbal Teas

There are several herbal teas that are known to reduce morning sickness during pregnancy. A cup of ginger tea helps ease motion sickness. Every time you feel uneasy and get the feeling to throw up, sip in hot ginger tea. Other herbal teas made with peppermint, chamomile, and lemon balm are also helpful in reducing motion sickness. If you are suffering from heartburn, avoid consuming peppermint.

2} Chew fennel seeds

Fennel seeds are also considered to be an excellent remedy for morning sickness. Every time you feel nauseatic, chew on few fennel seeds.

3} Vitamin B6 supplements

Research suggests that pregnant women consuming 25mg of Vitamin B6 3 times a day reported lesser incidences of nausea and morning sickness. You can consult your gynac before deciding to take any pill.

4} Drink plenty of water

Water is an excellent remedy to ease morning sickness in pregnancy. Drink a glass of water every hour. This will keep your body hydrated and reduce the feeling of throwing up. Additionally, it will also keep your urine clean and flush out all the toxins from the body.

5} Lemon Juice

Lemon juice, being rich in Vitamin C, is a wonderful remedy to treat morning sickness. To reduce the feeling of nausea and vomiting, drink lemon juice. You can also sniff a lemon which helps reduce the uneasy sensation.

6} Eat as soon as you wake up

Surprising as this may sound, eating immediately after waking up does help reduce morning sickness. Having a small snack after waking up also keeps you and your baby healthy.

7} Avoid large meals

In pregnancy, break the routine of 3 large meals in the day. Instead, break them into smaller and frequent meals. Smaller meals are easier to digest and keep down in the stomach.

8} Avoid fried food

Although you may have cravings for junk food during pregnancy, make a cautious effort to avoid fatty and fried food. Fried and fatty foods are rich in trans fat and can aggravate nausea.

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While some pregnant women sail through pregnancy easily, some aren’t so lucky. Having undergone morning sickness myself, I would suggest pregnant women try these above-mentioned remedies. Also a request to other mothers, please do share your thoughts and tips in the comment section. It will definitely help all of us.


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